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Natura XI


With a generous Faculty Enhancement Opportunity grant from the University of Florida to study European porcelain, I was able to return as a resident to the International Ceramics Studio in Kesckmet, Hungary. This was my second residency there, the attraction being the excellent facilities, wonderful people, as well as the availability of porcelain from the world famous Herend factory.

In preparation for this short residency, I worked with Dan Tankersly, UF Digital Media MFA 2011, in the Art and Architecture Fabrication Lab. We scanned natural objects such as fruits, vegetables, seedpods, etc. with a Zcorp 3D Hand held portable scanner which displays images in real time. ZScan software generates a polygon mesh of the surface on the computer screen. The scans were printed in the Objet Eden 250 3D rapid prototyping machine. Objet Studio supports STL and SLC files exported from 3D CAD software packages. Using the intuitive interface, one can easily organize, check and build models by dragging and dropping the STL file onto the Objet Studio build tray. I took these models with me to Hungary where I made molds. The slip cast porcelain objects became the basis for my latest body of work.

Primary Author:

Anna Calluori Holcombe
Professor, Ceramics, University of Florida

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