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Generally, my work is focused on relationships between technology and our emotional selves, and the ways in which technology is shifting from assisting our experience, to defining and being central to it. This is a piece I've been wanting to make for awhile and I felt the ability to work with processes of rapid prototyping gave me not only an opportunity to realize it, but also a clarity on my technological investigation in regard to emotional self. Through the relatively novel technology of 3D printing, my intention was to represent human in struggle and conflict with what is perhaps one of our earliest creations: time. As a functioning sundial, the piece means to present time as existing only as man-made shadow, or illusion. It is this illusion that serves as the foundation for the emotional struggle. The constraints themselves are literally his own, forming from his own body material , and while the figure has the tools, or technology necessary to release himself from his binds, he prefers to focus instead on the next goal, the next gift, the latest in a long line of desires.

Primary Author:

Peter Rand

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