Embrace by Boone


The ring was created in Mechanical Desktop CAD software starting with 2D views, and a solid model was constructed from those views. It was exported as an .stl file and was checked with Magics software for watertightness. It was exported to a SolidScape T66 wax printing machine. SolidScape's ModelWorks software sliced the model into appropriate layers for the 3D printer and created the necessary support structure. The part was printed in wax and the support structure removed with a hot solvent. The part was then coated in plaster, the wax burned out leaving a hollow form to be used as a mold, and molten metal poured into the mold. The sprue was then cut off and the part was hand finished and the stone was set.


Covidien image

Support for the RAPID 2011 Contempory Art eGallery provided by NCP Leasing.


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