The Circle of Life


How extraordinary it is to be human, struggling to communicate, to live a meaningful life, albeit so briefly. My work embraces a wide range of mediums from virtual to actual reality. My interest in digital activities and solid modeling was fueled by a search for a medium more capable of realizing my artistic intent. “Circle of Life” is a series ending where it begins, and repeating itself never ceasing, life continuing forever through the bodies of women. Body language is essential to my work and solid modeling allows me to incorporate the delicate gestures, subtle contours and complex structure of the body into a detailed rhythm of forms and gestures that cannot be done in other mediums. I use 3D modeling software to create the form and then use Materialise Magics software to ensure a solid stl file format. My work is printed in powder glass and resin by Accelerated Technologies in Austin, Texas . This work is 30 inches across and 7 inches deep. Each figure was printed using selective laser sintering in sections and joined together. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) is an additive fabrication method used to produce durable models and prototypes. I find the surface of powdered glass and resin very beautiful and stronger than porcelain my previous medium.

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Support for the RAPID 2011 Contempory Art eGallery provided by NCP Leasing.

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