Spiral Twins


Every idea begins with a seed.

In this series of work, each piece is first sketched by hand, then carefully constructed in McNeel's Rhinoceros nurbs modeling program. I begin the process by taking a walk in the forest and visiting local plant nurseries, immersing myself in rich plant life. Each object is inspired by the chosen plant nestled within it, helping to develop the organic form language in rhythm with the specific plant and its needs. One major requirement is light, locating the objects either on a window ledge or fastened to the window via static-cling vinyl or suction cups.
At first the designs began as typical plant pot models, but quickly developed into unique containers because of the opportunities offered by the vast material index of Objet Geometries. The window planters were printed using Objet Geometries' Eden 350v printer in a translucent semi-rigid photopolymer called Durus White and a transparent rigid photopolymer called Fullcure 720. These materials impart characteristics which led to the inclusion of light emitting diodes. The translucency orchestrated a pleasing dramatic effect, enhancing the desired feeling of a sacred space. However, I needed a way to bring light into the project, thus photovoltaics are developed into the design in order charge a battery during the day and illuminate the planter upon nightfall. After the modeling and printing are completed, there tends to be much time spent on constructing specific circuits for each individual planter and making color additions. The objects are born from the 3D printer as buds waiting to bloom with color. It is really quite exhilarating to bring out the beauty of the undulating forms in vibrant hues. However, the raw unmodified material is also very luscious for its own inherent qualities. In the Gel Planter, biogel is used to enhance the optical transparency of the Fullcure 720 with subtle color, while also providing moisture to the plant. The Spiral Twins are carefully dyed to complement the plant's features and provide a color overlay for the L.E.D.s housed inside. Most times I impose color variations on the models using Bunkspeed's Shot rendering program before any actual dying begins.
The last step is crucial. The chosen plant is manicured and meticulously inserted into its sanctuary.

Continue to grow.
elfinkowski 2011

Covidien image

Support for the RAPID 2011 Contempory Art eGallery provided by NCP Leasing.


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